Filter Choices

Our design allows you to choose the type of filter you prefer. If you wish for added protection there are a wide range of filter choices. Our double layer cotton mask provides a space to insert a filter of your choice.

A series of layers of fabric makes more places for virus particles to stick instead of passing through. A filter helps in this process. But too many layers can make it harder to breathe and If that makes wearing the mask uncomfortable you are less likely to use it.

The situation and recommendations from health bodies is constantly changing.

What Are the Choices

Activated Carbon - available as readymade replacement filters.

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric (Polypropylene) - available in rolls to cut to size but also as readymade filter inserts

Kitchen Roll - fold to fit

Hand Drying Paper Towels (not quite as good as kitchen roll) - fold to fit.

Vacuum Cleaner Paper Bag Liners apparently can be quite effective - you will need to cut to size.

Coffee Filters are no longer recommended for use as filters but the effectiveness may vary by brand and type. HOWEVER, coffee filters do little to hamper breathing if that is a concern.

Folded bandanas, scarves and cotton wadding have little benefit.

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